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    Dating hole in cap cans

    Less than two years before that, the American Can Company managed to overcome two challenges which, until then, had precluded them from canning beerthe company successfully produced cans strong enough to hold the pressurized carbonated beverage and "keglined" the inside of the cans with a special coating that prevented any metallic taste from flavoring the beer.

    But today, that dynamic has been totally turned on its head, with more than 500 craft breweries in over 40 U. states choosing to package their carefully created beers in a can. Even though canned foods date back to 1813, the first successful attempt to put beer in a can wasn't accomplished until 1935 and was the offspring of a partnership between the American Can Company and the New Jersey-based Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company.

    Napoleon spurred the search for preserving food when he offered a prize to the first person to come up with a way to preserve food for his armies. The next year, Peter Durand patented a tin-plated iron can for use as a food container, and in 1818 introduced the tin-plated can to America.

    One can see the smokestacks of the mines, pouring out black smoke.

    In addition to its packaging material, the beer can's shape also changed over time.

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    However, with a bit of detective work you can match their construction with techniques available during certain time periods, and make an educated guess as to when they were made and what was inside them.

    Look along the seam for the year on most Schlitz cans.

    Look and see if there is a tax statement on the can, along the lines of "Internal Revenue Tax Paid" or "Withdrawn Free of Internal Revenue Tax" if so, then the can dates before March 1950.

    Canned food was important since farming at the time was more geared towards the raising of meat.

    Cans then were pretty thick, and to open them you needed a hammer and chisel.

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